Rubric - Tier 1 Single Agency

Tier 1 Single Agency RubricScore
SectionQuestionNot Meeting ExpectationsApproaching ExpectationsMeeting ExpectationsExceeding Expectations
Primary Outcome and Program DosageExplain your selection for your Primary Outcome for this program (preventing child abuse & neglect, youth crime & violence, marijuana and ATOD, or school dropout).  Be sure to address how this is included in your mission, vision, and/or values.1345

Describe the identified population and your agency’s success with this population.1345

Using state/community level data, identify the need for preventing child abuse & neglect, youth crime & violence, marijuana and ATOD, or school dropout (whichever you selected as your Primary Outcome) in your community. Data older than 2010 will not be considered. 1345

Explain why the frequency, length, and duration for your program was chosen.1345

Explain how your strategy addresses each of the risk and protective factors you have selected and leads to your Primary Outcome for your program.5101315
Statement of WorkThe SOW must:  Reflect the SFY21 funding period, July 1, 2020- June 30, 2021.  
The SOW should:  Include objectives directly related to the accomplishment of the listed goal. Not include objectives such as turning in TGYS reports or hiring new staff.
Reflect State Fiscal Year Quarters
Q1: July 1 through September 30
Q2: October 1 through December 31
Q3: January 1 through March 31
Q4: April 1 through June 30
Whenever possible, include both outputs and outcomes.  Use SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) objectives.  Include all measurement methods (agency or school records, pre/post tests, surveys, etc.) the agency will use to determine if the outputs/outcomes are met.
EvaluationDescribe your staff capacity to implement the TGYS evaluation with program participants. Be sure to identify who on your staff will be implementing the evaluation.1345
Cultural CompetenceHow is your program culturally relevant to the population you are serving?36910

Points Possible:  65

Points Need for Qualifying Score of 70% for Tier 1:  46